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S. No. Order No. Subject Date
1 531-535 COPY OF Case No 7469/543/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha AYA NAGAR VS M/S T DEPORDNATION FRAMS. 04/09/2019
2 526-530 COPY OF Case No 7621/544/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha AYA NAGAR VS M/S T PRODUCTION FRAMS 04/09/2019
3 516-20 COPY OF Case No 21068/733/RA/Meh/2018 Gaon Sabha Fatehpur beri VS SH. BEHAL,DIR.OF M/S JPB INFRATECH PVT LTD. 04/09/2019
4 554-58 COPY OF Case No 7639/506/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha aya nagar VS M/S Preeti overseas 04/09/2019
5 548-553 COPY OF Case No. 20465/720/RA/Meh/2018 Gaon Sabha gadaipur VS chems ford club 04/09/2019
6 542-547 COPY OF COPY OF Case No. 7758/392/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha aya nagar VS ganeshi ram & ors 04/09/2019
7 536-541 COPY OF Case No. 7500/486/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha aya nagar VS vikram vashist 04/09/2019
8 379 Case No. 21781/740/RA/Meh/2018 Gaon Sabha Jonapur VS Jaya Arora 10/04/2019
9 374 Case No. 7296/588/RA/Meh/2015 Gaon Sabha Fatehpur Beri VS PAwanjeet Singh Ahluwalia 10/04/2019
10 288 Case No. 7700/611/RA/Meh/2015 Gaon Sabha Sultanpur VS Arvind Singh Pasricha 28/01/2019
11 421 Case No. 7415/241/RA/Meh/2001 Gaon Sabha Jonapur VS Fateh Singh 25/04/2019
12 415 Case No. 7504/460/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha Aya Nagar VS Raj Kumar & Ors. 25/04/2019
13 403 Case No. 7642/442/RA/Meh/2014 Gaon Sabha Aya Nagar VS Ganga Devi & Ors. 25/04/2019
14 403 Case No. 7818/637/RA/Meh/2015 Gaon Sabha Gadaipur VS Seema Aggarwal 25/04/2019
15 427 Case No. 18314/685/RA/Meh/2017 Gaon Sabha Aya Nagar VS Suraj Pal 25/04/2019
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