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The important areas of public interfaces are:-


Revenue functions


Revenue functions involve maintenance of land records, conduct of revenue cases, carrying out of demarcation and mutations, settlement operations. Deputy Commissioners and Additional District Magistrates are Collectors and Additional Collectors as per different Revenue Laws operating in Delhi. Sub Divisional Magistrates are designated as Assistant Collectors and Revenue Assistants and are primarily responsible for day to day revenue work. The subordinate revenue staff consisting of Girdavars, Kanungos and Patwaries are supervised by Tehsildars who are involved in field level revenue activities and mutations.


Issue of Certificates


Sub Divisional Magistrates are empowered to issue various kinds of statutory  certificates including SC/ST & OBC, Domicile, Nationality etc.


Registration of Property documents, sale deeds, power of attorneys and all other documents which need to be compulsorily registered as per law is made at Sub Registrar’s Offices which are fourteen in numbers. Deputy Commissioners are Registrars for their respective districts and exercise supervisory control over the Sub Registrars.


Election Work


Deputy Commissioners are District Election Officers and Returning Officers for Parliamentary Constituencies. Additional District Magistrates and Sub Divisional Magistrates are Returning Officers for Assembly Constituencies and Electoral Registration Officers in respect of Voters’ Lists. The District Officers are primarily responsible for conduct of Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections. The District Administration is also responsible for maintenance and revision of Voters’ Lists, for issue of Voters’ Photo Identity Cards (EPIC Cards) and Voters’ Certificates.


Magisterial functions


Deputy Commissioners, Additional District Magistrates and Sub Divisional Magistrates exercise powers of Executive Magistrates. In this role they are responsible for operating preventive Sections of Code of Criminal Procedure. They also carry out enquiries in cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years of marriage and issue directions to the Police for registration of case, if required.


Additional District Magistrates and Sub Divisional Magistrates are empowered to conduct enquiries into custodial deaths including deaths in Police Lock Up, Jails, Women Homes etc. The Officers of this Department are also expected to act as eyes and ears of the Government and conduct enquiries into all major accidents including major fires incidents, riots and natural calamities etc.

Registration of Marriage


Deputy Commissioners, Additional District Magistrates and Sub Divisional Magistrates are conferred with powers as Registrars of Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act. This power is ordinarily exercised by the Additional District Magistrates who are responsible for registration and solemnization of marriages.


Relief, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management


This department is given the primary responsibility for relief and rehabilitation operations in any calamity whether natural or man-made. Deputy Commissioners’ Offices carry out relief operations during flood, fires, crop failures, droughts and other calamities. It is also responsible for coordinating and implementing disaster management plan for natural and chemical disasters and awareness generation programme on disaster preparedness is being carried out with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme. This department is also involved in management of migrant camps and distribution of relief and pension to J&K Migrants, Punjab Migrants and 1984 Riots Victims etc.






Type of Certificate


Eligibility/Documents required

Response Time




Application form duly attested by a person,

14 days



    whose attestation is admissible as per the



Tribes (SC/ST

    instructions specified in the application form.





SC/ST certificate of father, brother, sister or




    of his/her blood relative from paternal side.




3. Affidavit in case of SC/ST certificate issued




    from outside Delhi in prescribed Performa.





Copy of Voter I-Card or Ration Card as




    proof of address.





Proof of Date of Birth (Birth certificate,




    School Certificate or passport)





Two Passport Size photographs, one attested




     and one plain




OBC Certificates


Application form completed in all respect

14 days


2.  Affidavit in prescribed format


3.  Two Passport Size photographs, one attested and one plain

4.  Birth Certificate or School Certificate


5.  Copy of OBC certificate of father, brother, sister of his/her blood

     relative from paternal side, if available


6.  Proof of residence in Delhi since 1993 such as Electricity Bill,  

    Water Bill, Telephone Bill, House Tax etc



3          Income Certificate      1.Application form.                                                14 days

     2.  Ration card or Voter I-Card.


     3.  Doctor’s report/Hospital report (if such report is produced, local   

        enquiry is exempted).




Issue of Orders


Application form.

14 days


for Delayed





Registration of


Affidavit in prescribed format.










Cremation slip/Proof of burial.





Death report from Hospital.







Application form in the prescribed format.

14 days


2.  Proof of residence-Ration Card/EPIC.


3.  Proof of profession like Pay certificate, Income Tax Return etc.


4.  Details of immovable property along with documents.


5.  Valuation report of Govt. approved value.


6.  (a) Proof of rented value, if any


                                              (b)    Proof of the property being free from all encumbrances.

   (c)   Proof of House Tax payment if any


(i)     Case of agricultural land, its size and   details of location with 

       Khasra No.

(ii)   Name of the owner/co-owners with share of each.

(iii)   Copy of latest Revenue record like Fard.


7.  Details of Bank Account


8.  Details of Financial Assets like Bonds, Share Certificates, Fixed

    Deposits, Provident fund etc.


9.  In case of Company, details of financial structures.


10.  Income Tax returns for last three years.


11.  Share holding of all Directors and their financial status.



Registration of

1.  Application form completed in all respect

1 day



     and signed by both Husband & Wife.


                                           2. Fee of Rs.100/- is to be deposited with Marriage Cler And the    

    receipt is to be appended with the form.

                                          3. Self attested documentary evidence of date of birth of both parties.

                                              (Matriculation Certificate/Passport/Birth Certificate).


4. Self attested residential Proof of both the parties (Voter I-

    Card/Ration Card/Driving Licence/Passport etc.).


                                           5. Self attested Marriage Invitation card, if available.


6. Separate affidavits in prescribed format from Husband & Wife giving:

a) Date and place of marriage.

b) Date of Birth.

                                          c) Martial status at the time of marriage.

                                          d) Affirmation that the parties are not related to each other within the prohibited

                                              degree of relationship as per Hindu Marriage Act.

                                          e) Citizen ship.


7. For the purpose of identification, the proof may be in the form of a certificate containing the attested photographs of the Husband & Wife duly attested by any officer/official of central or state governments or Union Territory Administration of PSU/autonomous bodies whose identity can be established or by any person having PAN of Income Tax.


8. Passport size photograph of both the parties (2 Copies each) as well as their Ceremonial photographs duly attested by any officer official of central or state governments or Union


Territory Administration of PSU/autonomous bodies whose identity can be established or by any person having PAN of Income Tax.


9. Attested copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorce and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower.


10. Where marriage has been solemnized at a religious place, a certificate from the priest is required.


11. In case of a foreign national, a certificate from the Embassy concerned regarding his or her present martial status.


12. In case one of the parties belong to other than Hindu, Budhist, Jain and Sikh religions, a conversion certificate from the priest who solemnized the marriage is required.


13. The applicants have to apply for registration of marriage to the office of the Deputy Commissioner in whose territorial jurisdiction either of the applicants resides.


14. If the marriage is solemnized in Delhi but the applicants were not residing in Delhi, application for registration of the marriage shall have to be made to office of the Deputy Commissioner in whose jurisdiction the marriage has been solemnized.



Solemnization of

Same as required in case of registration of

35 days



marriage. In addition, three witnesses are









Application on plain paper.

7 Days









Proof of residence.










Character Certificate issued by Class-I


                                              Gazette Officer/Police officer not below the rank of area SHO /Revenue officer not                                                 below the rank of Tehsildar /Chief Medical Officer of a Govt. Hospital.


12.      Lal Dora                 1. Application form.                                               15 Days


2.  Affidavit in prescribed format.


3.  Ration card/Voter I-card.


4.  Extracts of Khatauni/Fard.


5.  Map/Rough site plan of House/Plot (in the case of extended Abadi certificate.


13.      Nationality             1. Application form.                                               14 Days





Proof of residence.





Birth Certificate of India or naturalization.





Certificate from Class-1 Gazette Officer




regarding citizenship




Application on plain paper addressed to the

3 Days



Tehsildar is enough for procurement of a







Demarcation of

1. Application to concerned Tehsildar

15 Days









Fee Rs. 50/- to be paid by challan





Only the recorded owners of the property can




apply for demarcation or it can be done on




orders from a court of law.




1. Application to concerned Tehsildar

30 days




Proof of residence





Proof of ownership of land (sale Deed etc.)





Affidavits from all surviving members, in



case property is transferred due to death of owner.



Where to Apply


  1. Registration & Solemnisation of Marriages : To the Office of the ADM in whose jurisdiction you reside on any working day during 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.




  1. Mutation Demarcation of Land ,Record of Rights: To the Office of the Tehsildar in whose Jurisdiction you reside on any working day during 10:00AM to 1:00 PM


  1. Other Certificates: To the Office of the concerned SDM/Office of the Concerned Deputy Commissioner Office in whose juridisction you reside on any working day during 10:00 AM to 1:00PM






How to add your name in Voters list


Any Citizen of India who has completed 18 years of age can fill up Form 6 and submit the same to concerned Electoral Registration Officer. After scrutiny and verification the name of the applicant will be entered in the voters list.

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