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The office of Deputy Commissioner and SDM issue a number of certificates to the eligible people:
  1. Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Certificate (SC/ST)

  2. Other Backward classes (OBC) Certificate.

  3. Residence certificate.

  4. Surviving members Certificate.

  5. Identity card for Persons with disabilities.

  6. Nationality Certificate.

  7. Solvency certificate.

  8. Income Certificate

  9. Non Encumberance Certificate

  10. Issue of Order for delayed Registration of Birth.

  11. Issue of Order for delayed Registration of Death.


For obtaining a Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificates, please submit an application in prescribed format attested by the competent authority/officer alongwith :

  1. Two passport size photographs(one attested by the Gazetted Officer)

  2. Attested Copy of ration Card /Voter I Card /Passport etc.

  3. Attested copy of Age proof(Matriculation Certificate/School Leaving Certificate )

  4. Residential Proof in Delhi in case of persons whose parents/family are bonafide residents of Delhi prior to 20/9/1951(date of notification of Presidential Order)

  5. Father's Caste Certificate is essentially required in case of person whose parents/family have migrated to Delhi from other State after the notified date i.e. 20/9/1951. Father's Caste Certificate in original should also be produced at the time of submission of application form or as and when required.

  6. Application form in respect of certificate of caste of father issued from other state should be attested by a class-I Gazetted Officer.

  7. Affidavit of declaration of caste as well as the caste of father, religion, date of birth and other relevant particulars whichever applicable.

  8. Supporting documents : Copy of caste certificate of father/grand father or any other document showing the caste/community.

  9. No fee required.



The requirements for getting an Other Backward Classes (OBC) certificate are :

  1. Application in the prescribed format.

  2. Two Passport size Photographs(One attested by the Gazetted Officer)

  3. Residential proof as a bonafide resident of Delhi i.e. Ration Card/Voter I Card/Passport or any other documents that the applicant and his/her family is residing in Delhi prior to 08/9/1993(date of implementation of reservation for O.B.C.s

  4. Attested Copy of Age Proof(Matriculation Certificate/School Leaving Certificate).

  5. Family Income : Income proof/Salary Certificate of applicant and his/her father & mother. Affidavit of declaration of income and profession/trade/business etc. in case the applicant and his/her parents are self employed or engaged in other ccupation.

  6. Pension papers/certificate of amount of pension drawn in case the father/mother is retired from Government Service.

  7. Certificate of death in case if the father of the applicant has expired

  8. Income Tax Returns on the prescribed form-16 for the last 3 consecutive years if the annual income exceeds the income tax limit either it is parents income or the income of the applicant.

  9. Only persons having gross annual income less that RS.1 lakh are eligible for O.B.C Certificate.

  10. Supporting documents : Copy of caste certificate of father /grand father or any other document showing the caste/community.

  11. Two separate affidavits on the prescribed format giving full details of applicant as well as parent's occupation, income etc.

  12. No fee required



For obtaining a Permanent Resident Certificate you need to submit an application on the prescribed format alongwith the following documents :

  1. Proof of continuous residence in Delhi for the last 3 years like Ration Card, Identity Card, School Certificate etc.

  2. Application form duly attested by a Class-I officer that he/she knows the applicant for more than 3 years. The above attestation should be done only on the basis of personal knowledge of at least three years by any Under Secretary of Delhi Govt./Govt. of India, any Gazetted officer holding Class-I post of Delhi Govt./Govt. of India, any Magistrate or Supdt. of Police. In case attesting officer makes wrong attestation either willfully or due to insufficient information in the application will be liable to criminal proceedings as well as departmental action as deemed fit.

  3. One affidavit showing all details of residence in Delhi.

  4. All documents to be attested by the Gazetted Officer.

  5. The attestation form is sent to the class-I officer who has attested it for re-confirmation. After receiving the re-confirmation, necessary certificate is issued.



Physically handicapped Identity Card is issued to physically challenged persons who is handicapped orthopedically, mentally, is a blind or deaf & dumb.


(i) Application on a prescribed proforma along with Certificate of handicapped issued from any of the following hospitals :-

(b) LNJP Hospital
(c) Hindu Rao Hospistal
(d) Safdarjang Hospital
(e) Hospital for mental diseases, Shahdara
(f) Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital
(g) Base Hospital
(h) G.T.B. General Hospital
(i) Army Hospital

(ii) Minimum Percentage ofdisability should be:

(a) Mentally handicapped - 35%
(b) Orthopaddically - 40%
(c) Deaf & Dumb - 90 db & 100 db
(d) Blindness - 90% or above

(iii) Attested copy of three years old Ration Card as a proof of residence in Delhi or any other proof of being a resident of Delhi for last three years.




1. Application on a plain paper
2. Proof of Birth/Death of the person in respect of whom order is required
3. Affidavit specifying place, date and time of birth/death of the person
4. Copy of Ration Card
5. School leaving certificate, if any, showing date of birth
6. All documents to be attested by a Gazetted Officer.

After receiving the completed application, the same is sent to concerned police station for verification and on receipt of verification report if found genune, the order is issued to the muncipal authorities for delayed registration of birth/death.




Solvency certificate is issued to individual/firms declaring their financial standing for purpose such as standing surety in favour of somebody , securing loans, securing business contracts etc. Solvency certificates are issued on the basis of salaries drawn by Govt. employees & to other individuals on the basis of properties owned by the applicant in their own name or the income Tax Returns and the firms on the basis of Sales Tax/income tax returns.

1. Solvency Certificate to Government Servants :-

(a) Pay Slip duly signed by the competent authority.
(b) Photocopy of the Identity card.
(c) Photocopy of Ration Card showing Delhi address duly attested.
(d) Affidavit stating the designation, Salary drawn, name of the deptt. where employed and that he/she has not stood surety for anyone prior to this in or outside Delhi.

2. Solvency Certificate on the basis of Income Tax to an individual

(a) Photocopy of the Income Tax assessment/Income Tax returns filed by the applicant.

(b) Copy of Ration Card duly attested showing Delhi address.

(c) Affidavit declaring the Income Tax paid and, purpose and that he/she has not stood surety for anyone prior to this on or out of Delhi.

3. Solvency Certificate to an individual or a firm on the basis of property :-

(a) Photocopy of the sale Deed (duly registered) showing the applicant as the Sole proprietor of the property in question, photocopy should be attested.
(b) Non-Encumbrance Certificate in respect of the property in question, in original.
(c) Evaluation Certificate prepared by a Govt. approved Evaluer showing the present value of the property in question.
(d) Ration Card in case of individual to show Delhi address. In case of the firm, the firm should be located in Delhi.



The Nationality certificate is issued to the Indian persons for education/any other purpose.


1. Prescribed application form duly attested by Class -I Gazetted Officer.
2. Attested Photocopy of educational certificate
3. Photocopy of Birth certificate duly attested.
4. Attested copy of Ration Card/any other proof of residence in Delhi.
5. Copy of passport(if any)
6. Any other relevant documents.

After receipt of the application form and all the relevant documents, the Gazetted Officer who has attested the application is asked to re-attest it. On the receipt of re-attestation, the Nationality Certificate is issued.